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"Sexy Eye Opener" of the day 4

July 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

For today “Sexy Eye Opener” back to the good old days of the 50’s when  the word “push-up bra’s” wasn’t yet in the dictionaries and suspenders and nylons where a must !!!

As I ‘m not so good J in planes and their engines, can someone tell me a bit more about this one ?

Have a great day and till tomorrow.



Sexy Eye Opener of the day 3

July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Returning on the remove of some of my pictures on my FaceBook page because of some  ‘nudity’ and seing what on other pages is alowed without any comment of the “Watching Eye of FB’s Big Brother”, I don’t know why I shouldn’t continue to post my funny  “Sexy Eye Opener” on FB.  If they want to remove  them they just do, but I know that what I post is never obscene or has the intention to hurt or harmfull to some one in his personal way of living or religion.

So here again or today’s  “Sexy Eye Operer” showing today no boobs but some nice bums of a long haired blond babe.

By the way, for those who missed it,  it also shows one of the nicest landings I ever saw of a Airbus  A-340 from Air France.

And as promised on Monday also an “Sexy Eye Opener” for my girlfriends to get safely trough the (work)week.

Take good care… and keep your eyes open.  You never know what’s next that you will see.  J J J.



Sexy Eye Opener of the day 2

July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On the "Sexy Eye Opener"  for today it will be hard to find out the type op the aircraft, so something for the specialists and don't let you disturb by the  sexy lady in front.

After this I will return on the blog of yesterday where I told about the censure of FaceBook by removing some of my "Sexy Eye Openers" I posted daily on FB.  The following picture was removed because os "nudity".  For me it was a nice  flight attendant or captain with a DC-7 from Eastern Airlines in the back ground.


Are we going back to the Spanish Inquisition of the Middle Ages or the Book Burnings of the Nazi's in the 1930's ???  Is this picture of the 1960,' has to be considered as an "adult content" picture that has to be removed ?  So from now on I'll post my  Sexy Eye Openers who always has a little bit of "nudity" on my blog where I hope  that I have the right to post this kind of picture every morning to open your sleepy eyes and bring you in a good mood  for the rest of the day.

To finish this post an other picture that has been removed and which a friend of mine described it with the words "Making bubbles without electricity" :-)

My daily "Sexy Eye Opener

July 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Was surprised that what started a few weeks ago during the hot weather to post some  pictures as a “refresment” and later on as “Sexy Eye Opener”s  for a couple of days  on FaceBook became rather popular with  every day  more “likes” than I ever expected. As these pictures had also more or less something to do with airplanes in the back ground,

I decided to continue with these as long as they liked and enjoyed  them.


To my surprice  FB ordered me today to remove some of the pictures because of some nudity.  Even pictures where  there was not a single peace of nudity to see !!!

Which I consider this as pure censure from FB and against  all rights of freedom of speech and journalismeSo for those who liked them that much,  I decided to put my  “Sexy Eye Opener” as from now on as a daily short item on my  blog. 

Comments and “likes” are always welcome….. I’m not that hypocritical as FB.

This was my answer to FB.

“ If there is any right of freedom of speech and post some pictures with 'a little bit more " and they don't remove this answer also.

The picture I had to remove, had nothing to do with nudity On every account of FB user you find some pictures like that, and these are just to put a smile on friends face. The fact that all of these pictures get 50 to over 100 "likes" means that a lot of people like this kind of pictures instead of pictures of politicians and act of terrorism. For those things there are enough newspapers So let FB stay a friendly, friends site where time by time a picture is posed with a women in a bikini or something less. If every picture with a women with a little bit of nude has to be removed, then better you put the mention "Vacation pictures in bikini are no longer allowed on FB. I think we no longer live in the Middle Ages and today you see more nudity at every corner of the street than on my posted pictures. SO I would like to revieuw your decision and post again the pictures on my page.” 

For this first  “Sexy Eye Opener” on my Blog I think that pilots and aviation addicted will have more eyes on the marvelous flight line of Hawker Hunters than for the model on one of those fantastic fighters from the 60’s.




19th Januari 2004 - A black day in Belgian Aviation

February 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

19th January 2004 – A black day in Belgian Aviation History

Société Belge des Transports par Air SA, known by its short form Sobelair, was a Belgian airline from that operated from 1946 to 2004. It was headquartered in Brussels[2] (later in Zaventem)[3] and operated mostly non-scheduled passenger and cargo flights out of Brussels Airport.[
Sobelair was founded as a charter airline on 30 July 1946, originally (only during the initial months) known as Société d'Etude et de Transports Aériens, abbreviated SETA. The first revenue flight using a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, which took place on 15 October of that year, was a flowers transport to Nice via Paris. In 1947, scheduled flights from Brussels to Elisabethville in Belgian Congo were launched on behalf of several companies in the Belgian colony, which held the majority of the stakes in the company. In 1949, these shares were acquired by Belgian flag carrier Sabena, which thus owned 72.29 percent in Sobelair.

When Republic of the Congo (Léopoldville) was founded as an independent state in the former Belgian Congo, Sobelair ceased its African service, and concentrated on offering chartered holiday flights to the Mediterranean instead, as well as (between 1957 and 1962) domestic routes using small Cessna 310 airplanes.

Sobelair joined the jet age in 1971, when the first Caravelle was acquired second-hand from Sabena. Over the following years, the fleet was further modernized with Boeing 707 aircraft, which stayed until 1981. By then, Sobelair operated a fleet composed exclusively of smaller Boeing 737 airliners. Long haul flights were relaunched only in 1994, using a newly bought Boeing 767-300.[

When Swissair started an alliance with Sabena in 1995, plans were made for a co-operation of the respective charter subsidiaries. Thus, Sobelair went into negotiation with the Swiss subsidiary of Trans European Airways in 1996, which turned out to be fruitless. Instead, an agreement was signed with Crossair. In 1997, Sobelair operated chartered passenger flights from Zuric to San Francisco and Las Vegas on behalf of Swissair. In the late 1990s, a charter contract with tour operator Jetair was signed. In 2001, further agreements with ALM Antillean Airlines and Balair were secured.

In October 2001, Swissair went bankrupt, which was followed by the demise of partner Sabena in November of the same year, which led to the future of Sobelair becoming uncertain, too. Delta Air Transport, which the Sabena slots had been transferred to, briefly considered taking over Sobelair's 767s for the re-launch of scheduled passenger flights to Africa (instead, Birdy Airlines was founded for that purpose), and German tour operator Preussag went into negotiations concerning a taking-over of the airline, which were dropped again in February 2002.

After having been acquired by a group of investors in June 2002, which led to the launch of scheduled flights on the Brussels-Johannesburg route, Sobelair was passed on to SN Brussels Airlines in early 2003, for which it operated charter flights henceforth. This did not lead to an improvement of the financial situation, so that Sobelair had to declare bankruptcy in early January 2004. TUI Travel placed an offer for taking over Sobelair's aircraft in order to create a Belgian airline subsidiary, provided that creditor protection would be granted. On 19 January, this measure was rejected, so that Sobelair went out of business and its then approximately 450 employees lost their jobs.

A few months later it was so sad to see their Boeing's 767  OO-SLR  and  OO-SLS  partly scripts, without the SOBELAIR markings,

and without engines ready for further dismantling.

For millions of passengers on the way to their vacation, they always will remember their flights on board of those marvelous white n and blue SOBELAIR planes.

                                                                                                                           Goodbye SOBELAIR



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