Picture of the week #7 - T-6 Race at the Reno Air Races

August 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Picture of the  week # 7 -  T-6  Texan’s at Reno Air Races.

When one T-6 come head–on,  low level,  with the supersonic sound of his propeller it’s impressive.
When at the Reno Air Races 7 of them  come head-on to Pylon 4 at maximum speeds up to 300 miles or more, and only about 30 feet high....... Then.... I don’t have words anymore to explain.  You just has to be there to experience by yourself those magic and unforgettable moments !!!  


Picture taken with CANON  EOS D1 Mk III and 70-210mm f 2.8 lens 


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