Antoine Roels | Picture of the week # 2 “Because I was inverted”

Picture of the week # 2 “Because I was inverted”

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Picture of the week  # 2  

“Because I was inverted”
The well known words of Tom “Maverick” Cruise in the move ‘TOP GUN’

One of the most demanding issues  in air-to-air photography is surely  PR photo shoots for demo pilots.
Demo pilots don’t ask for pictures flying  relaxed, just strait & level but pictures full of action.  So you have to  be aware of some facts before starting.
First you need a photo chase plane and a pilot with the same capabilities who brings you in the perfect position for the pictures.
Second,  you must be aware that if the demo pilot goes in a loop , you go in a loop too, if he goes in the vertical, you go as well and if he is inverted you’re inverted too.
Third, you has to be in good physical conditions ready to undergo all these, pulling a lot’s of G’s and realize that your camera that weight in normal conditions weight about 2 kilo, at 5 G’s  he suddenly weights 10 kilo’s !!!.  Just like you should sit in a jet with a bucket full of water in your hands to take pictures.

Fourth,take the best photo gear with you. Don't think you're still capable to take pictures at 9 G's.  Even some of the most professional cameras can't resist those  heavy G forces.
So,  I was very lucky that those  facts fitted well during most of  my A2A  photo missions, and then you got pictures like this and you can say  :  


Picture taken April 1st 1992
Photo chase plane A-Jet AT-30 with Cdt Marc Dupuis  –one of my preferred photo plane pilots-  at the commands.
CANON EOS 1 camera with 24-105mm lens and Fuji slide film.


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