Antoine Roels | Picture of the week #5

Picture of the week #5

July 25, 2016

EAA Airventure  Oshkosh WI.

Today July 25th start of the 64th EAA Oshkosh Airventure.
The town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. hosts the largest annual gathering of aviation enthusiasts in the country held each summer at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, US   The EAA estimate every year an  the attendance of over 500,000, with more then  2,000 visitors registered from nearly 70 nations. Every year approximate 10,000 aircraft, 2,000 show planes, and over 900 media representatives on-site from five continents, along with and over 900  commercial exhibitors.

With more than 10,000 aircraft in attendance, there's a little bit of everything represented, including warbirds, home-built aircraft, ultralights and vintage planes.  During the gathering, the airport's control tower is the busiest in the world.
EAA was founded in Hales Corners, Wisconsin in 1953 by Paul Howard Poberezny (September 14, 1921 – August 22, 2013), who originally started the organization in the basement of his home for builders and restorers of recreational aircraft.   Although homebuilding is still a large part of the organization's activities, it has grown to include almost every aspect of recreational aviation and aeronautics. The first EAA fly-in was held in September 1953 at what is now Timmerman Field as a small part of the Milwaukee Air Pageant, fewer than 150 people registered as visitors the first year and only a handful of airplanes attended the event. In 1959, the EAA fly-in grew too large for the Air Pageant and moved to Rockford, Illinois.   In 1970, when it outgrew its facilities at the Rockford airport, it moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
After the dead of his father 2013, his son Tom toke over the organization.

Oshkosh has so many to offer during the EAA week that it’s so difficult to picture it in just one single picture. So many special performances  and presentations of new and older planes that you could chose “Picture a the day at Oshkosh”.  However I keep it with ”Picture of the week” with a flock of 32 RV’s crossing each other in the blue skies of Oshkosh,  formation you only can see at EAA.
RV planes are small home build planes designed by Van’s Aircraft Ic. by Richard (Van) VanGrunsven
By the end of 2015, about 9000 RV kits have been completed and flown, and thousands more are under construction. Completion rates currently average about 1.5 per day. RVs are flying in at least 45 different countries and kits have shipped to about sixty. From a small farm in Oregon, these wonderful airplanes have achieved a global following. Not because of any superior marketing campaign, but simply because they fly so well and bring so much pleasure to their builders.

Picture taken with CANON DX Mk III with 300mm F-2.8