Antoine Roels | Picture of the week #6 - F-100 “Super Sabre” at Thunder over Michigan.

Picture of the week #6 - F-100 “Super Sabre” at Thunder over Michigan.

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Picture of the week # 6

Michigan 2010  -  North American  F-100 “Super Sabre” at the  “Thunder over Michigan “ Airshow.

Looking back at my oldest memories about aviation these goes always back to that magnificent F-100 “Super Sabre” which I saw during some performances of the USAF “Skyblazers“ and later on with the USAF “Thundebirds” at airshows  at Melsbroek e.o. in the early 60’s .
Seeing this plane back was like feeling 16 again and remembering those times of collecting all kind of magazines and pictures of airplanes.  

No wonder that a couple of years later I signed  for a 38 years long career in BAF.

The North American F-100 Super Sabre was an American supersonic jet fighter aircraft that served with the United States Air Force from 1954 to 1971 and with the Air National Guard until 1979. The first of the Century Series of USAF jet fighters, it was the first USAF fighter capable of supersonic speed in level flight.

The F-100 first flew on May 25th 1953, and 2.294 has been build.
Today, only one “Super Sabre” still flies, based in Fort Wayne, and owned by Dean Cutshall, who spent about a year and a half restoring it after buying it from a man in Texas.


Picture taken with  CANON D1 Mk III and 300mm f 2.8 lens


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