Antoine Roels | Picture of the week #8 “F-16’s - Display pilots break”

Picture of the week #8 “F-16’s - Display pilots break”

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Picture of the week #8       “F-16’s  -  Display pilots break”

In 2001 the Belgian television planned to make a short report about my job in Belgian Air Force as air-to-air photographer for their program “Afrit 9” directed by Koula Terkessidis from VRT.
So on April 12th 2001 we had a C-130 -with Cdt Gijbels at the controls- as photo ship,  two F-16’s with display pilots Cdt Rudy Schoukens and Cdt  Danny “Ket” Meersman and an A-Jet with display pilot Cdt Jean-Marc “MeuMeu” Meunier for the pictures.
The mission went very well , with me in the cold air on the open ramp of the C-130 and the F-16’s and A-Jet in close formation behind the C-130 directing them in the right positions with hand signals for the best pictures
Only the weather was not that cooperating, too cloudy  and no possibility to go as high to go into the blue.
For sure not the best conditions for a photo shoot.  Although the pictures where fine, I was a bit disappointed about to much clouds as back ground, but the TV crew was happy with their work and a few weeks later the report was showed several times on TV.

And now the secret behind this picture :
It’s very rare that I manipulate pictures to make them better.  Only development of RAW files with Lightroom 5, and Photoshop CS 6 giving them some more contrast, brightness, crop or cut them a little to give them the right composition.
So most of the pictures you see are the way they come out the camera without manipulations.
However, one of the pictures of the photoshoot was a very nice break of the two F-16’s, but not perfect because of all those grey clouds as background.

I looked in my archive for some pictures with nice clouds , found the one I needed and with the help of Photoshop it became a nice picture.    Now that the picture was fine, I still found  it even could be better putting  some more “action”  into it.   

And the clue was ........  Just turn the picture upside down.

Now this picture is hanging in several offices and nobody knew -maybe until now- that he is hanging upside down.


Picture taken with CANON EOS 1D and 70-210mm f2.8 zoom lens


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