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My daily "Sexy Eye Opener

July 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Was surprised that what started a few weeks ago during the hot weather to post some  pictures as a “refresment” and later on as “Sexy Eye Opener”s  for a couple of days  on FaceBook became rather popular with  every day  more “likes” than I ever expected. As these pictures had also more or less something to do with airplanes in the back ground,

I decided to continue with these as long as they liked and enjoyed  them.


To my surprice  FB ordered me today to remove some of the pictures because of some nudity.  Even pictures where  there was not a single peace of nudity to see !!!

Which I consider this as pure censure from FB and against  all rights of freedom of speech and journalismeSo for those who liked them that much,  I decided to put my  “Sexy Eye Opener” as from now on as a daily short item on my  blog. 

Comments and “likes” are always welcome….. I’m not that hypocritical as FB.

This was my answer to FB.

“ If there is any right of freedom of speech and post some pictures with 'a little bit more " and they don't remove this answer also.

The picture I had to remove, had nothing to do with nudity On every account of FB user you find some pictures like that, and these are just to put a smile on friends face. The fact that all of these pictures get 50 to over 100 "likes" means that a lot of people like this kind of pictures instead of pictures of politicians and act of terrorism. For those things there are enough newspapers So let FB stay a friendly, friends site where time by time a picture is posed with a women in a bikini or something less. If every picture with a women with a little bit of nude has to be removed, then better you put the mention "Vacation pictures in bikini are no longer allowed on FB. I think we no longer live in the Middle Ages and today you see more nudity at every corner of the street than on my posted pictures. SO I would like to revieuw your decision and post again the pictures on my page.” 

For this first  “Sexy Eye Opener” on my Blog I think that pilots and aviation addicted will have more eyes on the marvelous flight line of Hawker Hunters than for the model on one of those fantastic fighters from the 60’s.





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