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Sexy Eye Opener of the day 2

July 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On the "Sexy Eye Opener"  for today it will be hard to find out the type op the aircraft, so something for the specialists and don't let you disturb by the  sexy lady in front.

After this I will return on the blog of yesterday where I told about the censure of FaceBook by removing some of my "Sexy Eye Openers" I posted daily on FB.  The following picture was removed because os "nudity".  For me it was a nice  flight attendant or captain with a DC-7 from Eastern Airlines in the back ground.


Are we going back to the Spanish Inquisition of the Middle Ages or the Book Burnings of the Nazi's in the 1930's ???  Is this picture of the 1960,' has to be considered as an "adult content" picture that has to be removed ?  So from now on I'll post my  Sexy Eye Openers who always has a little bit of "nudity" on my blog where I hope  that I have the right to post this kind of picture every morning to open your sleepy eyes and bring you in a good mood  for the rest of the day.

To finish this post an other picture that has been removed and which a friend of mine described it with the words "Making bubbles without electricity" :-)


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